Dissertation: Substructural Logical Specifications

Robert J. Simmons

No document like this is ever entirely free of simple mistakes and typos, and I am probably a bit below-average at those infuriating and trivial "you are missing a word here" typos. If you have any corrections, send me an email and I'll make corrections and maintain the most-fixed version here.

Because I'm a bit odd, this thing is on GitHub. I hope you enjoy the commit messages.

Outline and individual chapters


I'd like to make it easier for people to run the prototype SLS implementation. I have not done so yet; you are encouraged to poke me over email or in person if you'd like me to do so.

Page count history

(Page count dropped significantly on May 11 when I turned on the 'openany' option that lets chapters start on even- or odd-numbered pages, as that was totally cheating. When I re-started work in late September, leaving 'openany' off was less distorting, as all but one of the chapters contained significant amounts of text already.)