About Me

I'm Rob, a software engineer and computer science educator in Boston, Massachusetts, where I live with my spouse and two cats, one of whom likes hanging out on my desk.

Nimbus, a cat sleeping in front of a computer monitor.

I'm currently interested in part-time and/or consulting opportunities working on web stuff (frontend or backend), working on programming languages or compiler development, or teaching.

Longer-term, I'm interested in finding a full-time role at a company that is doing at least two of the three:

  • addressing aspects of the climate crisis,
  • avoiding venture capital, and
  • that don't see software as their primary product.

I am not interested in companies investing in the use of large language models derived through the use of other people's intellectual property.

Contact me at robsimmons@gmail.com if you might be interested in working together!

About This Website

This website is built with Astro, hosted as a static site on Render, and takes significant design inspiration from Jake Lazaroff's website.