<<set $l=false>>\n<<set $ul=true>>\n\n<<if $ur>>\nYour path here skirts the edge of the meadow and the forest, but line you follow breaks another line that continues off to the forest in one direction, and along the meadow along the base of the hill in the other. Your path. You think it best to stay on your path, the unbroken line.\n\nTo the [[hill]]\nTo the [[lower meadow]]\n<<else>>\nWhere the meadow meets the forest at the base of the hill, you see the line you follow interrupted, crossed by a solid line traveling between the hill and the downhill side of the meadow. As you glance towards the hill, you feel a strong desire to continue along the broken line. You shudder to look at the unbroken line, and say aloud, "not my path."\n\nTo the [[upper meadow by the river]]\nTo the [[forest]]\n<<endif>>\n
\n\n\nYou don't know why you find yourself drawn to this [[hill]]. But when you see the line, you know somehow that this was always where you'd end up.
<<set $ul=false>>\n<<set $ur=true>>\n\nFrom the rise of the hill, the line that you see below your feet fills your mind and compells you to follow. But which way? From the vantage point of the hill, you look down at a meadow. It's bounded on the right by a stream and to the left by a forest.\n\nTo the [[upper meadow by the river]]\nTo the [[upper meadow by the forest]]
<<set $ur=false>>\n<<set $l=true>>\n\n<<if $ul>>\nA stream begins here at the base of the hill. There is a broken line that crosses (or rather, just fails to cross) your path, you have no desire to follow it up the hill or across the meadow.\n\nTo the [[river]]\nTo the [[upper meadow by the forest]]\n<<else>>\nAt the base of the hill, your steps lead you to a spring that begins a flowing stream. The line you walk is broken here. Glancing back towards the hill, you are struck with the certain knowledge that this unbroken line is not your path, but you note that it leads along the river in one direction and along the base of the hill towards the forest in the other. You must continue along the here-interrupted line, either up the hill or straight across the meadow, where the river formed here meets the forest.\n\nTo the [[lower meadow]]\nTo the [[hill]]\n<<endif>>
<<set $ul=false>>\n<<set $ur=true>>\n\n<<if $l>>\nThe unbroken line that you walk leads from the forest into the meadow. You almost step off that line, to the so-nearly-intersecting broken line that follows the forest's edge in one direction and the quiet river in the other. But... at the last minute you hesitate. Your unbroken path crosses the meadow, again approaching the river by a more efficient path, and heads into the welcoming forest on the other direction.\n\nTo the [[forest]]\nTo the [[upper meadow by the river]]\n<<else>>\nThe line you follow here is broken, and you find your self so tempted... for some time you stand at the lowest point in the meadow, where the river meets the forest, and almost set your feet along the unbroken path that leads from the center of the meadow into the forest. But you cannot quite get your feet to land on the unbroken line.\n\nTo the [[upper meadow by the forest]]\nTo the [[river]]\n<<endif>>
<<set $ul=true>>\n<<set $l=false>>\n\nA wide bend in the river forms one edge of the expansive meadow. Your mind seems to clear as you listen to its calming sounds; the continuious line that you seem compelled to follow seems less ominous here, and your mood lightens.\n\nTo the [[lower meadow]]\nTo the [[upper meadow by the river]]\n
<<set $ur=false>>\n<<set $l=true>>\n\nIn the forest, you find yourself calm. You even stray into the trees, leaving the safety of your continual line. (You don't stray far.)\n\nTo the [[upper meadow by the forest]]\nTo the [[lower meadow]]\n